Wwe is getting really boring now

By Jesse Collings May 18, The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of WrestlingInc or its staff Heading into WrestleMania, WWE seemed to be percolating with fan interest.

Wwe is getting really boring now

Why i think wwe is getting boring This is why i think wwe is getting boring. Firstly, the PG era is stupid, less hardcore matches including, steel cage match, ladder match, tlc ect.

Also i hate the fact they changed the schedule it was always royal rumble, chamber, wrestlemania then backlash.

Now its all screwed up, and what happened to the money in the bank at wrestlemaina??? Now, to be honest wwe downfall was between the era. The only good thing was DX. Now all superstars are noobs So the only decent superstars are randy orton and john cena lol. The Miz is noob, Ryback???

The only superstars i like is kofi kingston and cm punkm without that stupid hair cut. He wont become a triple hhh or batista.

Ok, i have finally found out why wwe is boring and so much superstars are bad. Now this is the reason, first of all the superstars are not bulk enough. Remember Goldberg he is 2xs shamus.

Also remember triple hhh, batista john cena the rock the list keeps going on. The solution to make a wrestler successful is pair them up with a popular person like randy orton or the rock.

Wwe is getting really boring now

Thats what they did with cm punk his first match was at survivor series teaming up with all the babyfaces. The best year was Good old Goldberg, lesnar ,cena ,triple hhh ,shawn micheals undertaker, and The Rock ect, All i can say is wwe stinks When john cena and randy orton and cm punk leave its dead.Kurt: The SummerSlam match was short and sweet, but that was a show overstuffed with matches, and this card only has 8 as of press time, so now it’s really going to be on Ronda to show off what she’s learned so far, against an opponent that is still learning things as well.

Ronda has aced every test so far, some with flying colors, and as a. Sep 07,  · But since the it is simply boring for me. They pushed this gimmick to fast ´cause WWE thought, that´s necessary to bring the ratings back to top.

They pushed this gimmick to fast ´cause WWE thought, that´s necessary to bring the ratings back to top. Why is wrestling so boring now (self start at Season 3, if you can. Season , the promotion was still trying to figure itself out.

Season 3, they really felt comfortable with what they wanted to present. in a normal business that had good creative processes, you're assumption would be totally legitimate. However, WWE has been boring.

Now it is getting really boring seeing him as a Superman and with those stupid promos. I think for the next 5 or 10 years it would be much better and more exciting seeing Cena as a 'heel' rather than as a face and start losing the matches and championships.

Oct 21,  · it's Getting boring seeing her Face every night whether Injuring someone or doing her stupid two Moves she doesn't deserve any of that other women worked hard and For Nothing Just because she came From UFC She gets Handed everything?

disgrace to the women's Division! Apr 28,  · Well, I've thought that for a while. I got bored with it around the time Matt Hardy turned heel and Jeff got fired.

This was, what, or iridis-photo-restoration.com: Resolved.

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