Strategic sourcing master thesis defense

Offset Swapping compensation of offsets' obligation through reciprocal abatement Foreign Direct Investment, Credit Assistance and Financing The most complete and accurate list of actual offsets can be found in the BIS Annual Reports to Congress, where all forms of registered offset are codified, according to the old Standard Industrial Classification. Defense prime contractor, offset service providers[ edit ] In medium and large tenders for weapons systems the bid can be very complex, involving one or more than one company as bidder.

Strategic sourcing master thesis defense

Master of Science in Computer Engineering (C.S.Cmp.E.)

The graduate will have the ability to apply advanced management and operations research techniques to defense problems. This includes policy formulation and execution, strategic planning, defense resource allocation, cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis, federal fiscal policy, computer-based information and decision support systems, and complex managerial situations requiring comprehensive integrated decision making.

Acquisition and Contracting Principles: The graduate will have an understanding of and will be able to apply the principles and fundamentals of acquisition and contracting within the federal government, including knowledge of the acquisition laws and regulations, particularly the Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR and the DoD FAR Supplement DFARS ; the unique legal principles applied in government contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code; and the application of sound business principles and practices to defense contracting problems.

Further, the graduate will be able to apply innovative and creative approaches not only to resolve difficult acquisition and contracting issues but to significantly influence the legal and regulatory structure within which acquisition decision making occurs.

Finally, the graduate will have the ability to conceptualize, develop and execute strategic business alliances and relationships necessary to the successful acquisition of goods and services.

Acquisition and Contracting Policy: The graduate will have an ability to formulate and execute acquisition policies, strategies, plans and procedures; a knowledge of the legislative process and an ability to research and analyze acquisition legislation; and a knowledge of the government organization for acquisition, including Congress, the General Accounting Office, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the federal and military contracting offices, the Boards of Contract Appeals, and the court system.

The graduate will understand the theory of and have the ability to manage the field contracting, contingency contracting, supplies and services contracting, system acquisition, and contract administration processes.

This involves a knowledge of the defense system life cycle processes, including requirements determination, funding, contracting, ownership, and disposal; an ability to evaluate military requirements, specifications, and bids and proposals; an ability to utilize the sealed bid, competitive proposals and simplified acquisition methodologies; a comprehensive knowledge of all contract types and their application in defense acquisition; an ability to conduct cost and price analyses; and an ability to negotiate various contracting actions, including new procurement, contract changes and modifications, claims, equitable adjustment settlements, and noncompliance issues.

Business Theory and Practices: The graduate will have an understanding of the business philosophy, concepts, practices, and methodologies of the global commercial industrial base, and the ability to apply these to the federal government acquisition environment.

Federal and Defense Budgeting: The graduate will have an ability to apply economic and accounting principles, including monetary and fiscal theories, to defense acquisition and contracting issues. The graduate will have an understanding of the basic principles and fundamentals of Program Management, with particular emphasis on the Procuring Contractor Officer's and Administrative Contracting Officer's roles and relationships with the Program Manager.

Erik Larsson liked this Saab graduate leadership programme - Commercial Manager The Saab Graduate Leadership Programme is a career boost for recent graduates and young. Check out Supply Officer profiles, job listings & salaries. Review & learn skills to be a Supply Officer. LinkedIn. In charge of the performance and gouvernance of the strategic sourcing & supply group function at ENGIE. Chief Procurement Officer - ENGIE International at ENGIE I have made a master thesis about symbiotic View profile. Slide 1: This slide introduces Supply Chain Management Your Company Name and begins. Slide 2: This slide shows Deck Outline as follows- Supply Chain Management Process, SCM Decision Phases, Strategic Sourcing Process, Logistics & IT, Introduction, Planning & Forecasting, Inventory Management, Inventory Management Models, Performance Measures, Common Problems with SCM.

Ethics and Standards of Conduct: The graduate will have an ability to manage and provide leadership in the ethical considerations of military acquisition, including the provisions of procurement integrity, and to appropriately apply defense acquisition standards of conduct.

Officers develop a graduate-level ability to think strategically, critically analyze past military campaigns, and apply historical lessons to future joint and combined operations, in order to discern the relationship between a nation's policies and goals and the ways military power may be used to achieve them.

Analysis, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking: The graduate will demonstrate the ability to conduct research and analysis, and proficiency in presenting the results in writing and orally by means of an applied project and a command-oriented briefing appropriate to this curriculum.MASTER’S DEGREE THESIS Management of the Supply Chain – SUPPLY CHAIN AS A STRATEGIC ASSET 26 Supply Chain Strategy Building Blocks 27 In the thesis theoretical framework is used to evaluate the supply chain management concepts on part of Danfoss.

Danfoss is Denmark's largest industrial group with an. A Masters Thesis Presented to The Graduate College of Missouri State University For the Degree of Master of Science, Defense and Strategic Studies May Approved: _____ John P. Rose, PhD precipice of a new era of energy sourcing, security, and policy is slowly beginning to unfold.

Nations across North America, Europe, and Asia are. The graduate program committee, based on its evaluation of the student’s potential to complete a quality master’s thesis, will approve or deny this request. Upon transfer to the MA program, an oral defense of the proposal will be scheduled, and the thesis committee members will approve the scope of work.

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from the NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL The purpose of this study is to identify opportunities for strategic sourcing in the Naval Postgraduate School contracting office. and services more efficiently is a growing concern across the Department of Defense.

A major step in strategic sourcing is to conduct a. Some recent master thesis titles include: comprehensive examination and dissertation defense must be completed on campus. The student has the option of conducting research that is beneficial to the student's professional work.

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ENG MGT Safety Engineering Management (LEC ) This course is an introduction to the principles of safety. The Most Popular PhD Thesis Topics In Strategic Management.

Leading fashion retailers Giorgio Armani and Luxottica have begun implementation of SAP Fashion Management with the goal of bringing wholesale and retail operations onto a single, vertical platform sharing the same master data, global inventory and processes. The MIT-Malaysia Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a rigorous 9+ month program of courses and hands-on research. Each student is required to write a masters thesis. results, and holding public officials accountable for results (Strategic Sourcing Terminology 2)." Regardless of which definition one prefers, a few key concepts of performance management are clear.

A PhD thesis is your chance to add a voice into the field of strategic management. The gist about your voice is captured in your topic.

strategic sourcing master thesis defense
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