Strategic management is about analyzing marketing essay

In this part of the assignment, I am going to write about key principles of strategic marketing and its relationship with overall corporate strategy. I will also try to find out how it helps an organisation to achieve its prime competitive objective over its immediate rivals.

Strategic management is about analyzing marketing essay

The importance of analysis of internal environment is outlined in the introduction, and the essence of both approaches to analyzing internal environment is explained in Section 1. In the next sections, analysis of tangible and intangible resources section 3 and distinctive capabilities Section 4 of Coca-Cola is performed.

As a result of this analysis and preliminary analysis, SWOT of Coca-Cola company are outlined in Section 5, and an overview of the performed analysis with appropriate considerations is presented in the conclusion. Introduction Assessment of internal and external environment is highly important for any company in order to develop strategic vision, perform marketing planning, choose directions for development and compete successfully at the market.

Internal forces affecting the organization are the factors which are largely controlled by the organization; these forces determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and serve as a background for creating competitive advantages and new market approaches for the organization.

There are two key approaches to performing internal analysis of an organization: These two approaches can be viewed as complementary ones, but there also are significant differences.

Strategic management is about analyzing marketing essay

Value chain analysis thus allows to identify critical processes and costs, and resource-based framework outlines key distinctive capabilities of the organization. EVA economic value added is a financial measure which shows the effectiveness of residual income generation and focused on after-tax cash flows.

Resources and competitive advantages will be estimated using the resource based framework.

Strategic management is about analyzing marketing essay

This framework is used to determine sustainable competitive advantages shaped by tangible and intangible resources of the company as well as its distinctive capabilities.

Tangible resources include physical, financial and human resources; intangible resources include technical and intellectual resources as well as goodwill. Distinctive capabilities of the company can be classified into architectural, reputational and innovative capabilities.

The sections below present EVA calculation, analysis of Coca-Cola tangible and intangible resources and distinct capabilities, and the resulting list of strengths and weaknesses of the company. In order to determine WACC, it is necessary to determine the cost and share of debt and equity capital.

Thus, the cost of debt for Coca-Cola is 1. The cost of equity for the company can be determined using CAPM equation as risk free rate plus beta multiplied by equity premium. Risk-free rate for is 0.

Strategic Management Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis essay - Expert Writers In this part of the assignment, I am going to write about key principles of strategic marketing and its relationship with overall corporate strategy.
Analysis Of Strategic Marketing - Free Marketing Essay - Essay UK Abstract word cloud for strategic management with related tags and terms.

Cost of equity for Coca-Cola thus equals to 0. Added value of the company is positive and constitutes Resource analysis Key physical resources of Coca-Cola include, first of all, diverse product portfolio: The company also has a diverse network of manufacturing locations and warehouses, and partners with a variety of bottlers, thus increasing the distribution network.

Key physical factor is the growing popularity of Coca-Cola products in emerging economies: Another group of resources shaping the strengths of the company are financial resources. Coca-Cola is financially viable: The company employsassociates in more than countries, and treats the employees as key resource Year in Review, Incentives such as Coca-Cole University and numerous benefits are used to retain and attract talents Year in Review, Coca-Cola has always been the innovator in bottling, and the company also managed to combine new technical ideas with powerful marketing ideas.

Overall, marketing can be considered as the most valuable intellectual resource of Coca-Cola Polk, Distinctive capabilities Key distinctive capabilities of the company rely to the architecture class of capabilities. The most important distinctive capability of Coca-Cola is related to its beverage concentrates and syrups with unique tastes, which made the company popular worldwide.

One of very important distinctive capabilities of Coca-Cola is its market share: Another highly important distinctive capability is strong brand recognition: With regard to reputation, the situation is ambiguous.

On the other hand, the company has been subject to numerous class lawsuits related to the presence of toxic elements in the drinks and there were claims associated with improper quality of water in the bottles U.

These claims have affected the reputation of the company.

The strategic management process is a philosophical approach to business and can be characterised through establishing a mission, creating objectives, and devising strategies, then through external and internal assessment creating strategy which is then implemented and checked on by strategic control. Strategic management is the management of an organization’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives. Strategic management involves setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment. A marketing strategy is therefore an important component of the overall business strategy because it helps the business to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating its products and aligning the marketing activities to the mission of the organization.

Moreover, the customers are now more and more concerned about the healthy way of living, and there is certain loss of consumer confidence associated with the above-mentioned claims. Strengths and weaknesses of the company Basing on the results of RBV analysis and on the results of previously performed analysis of external environment, it is possible to outline the following strengths and weaknesses of Coca-Cola company.

Strong portfolio of world leading beverage brands Large-scaled operations High financial stability strong financial position Low sensitivity to economy fluctuations Strong manufacturing and distribution infrastructure Growing popularity in emerging economies Weaknesses:Marketing Management, 14e (Kotler/Keller) Chapter 6 Analyzing Consumer Markets 1) _____ is the study of how individuals, groups, and organizations select, buy, use, and dispose of goods, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and wants.

Strategic Management Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis essay Executive Summary This report is devoted to analysis of internal environment of Coca-Cola company using economic value added approach and resource based framework. Strategic Management: Huawei Case Analysis Essay Strategic Management Huawei Case Analysis Huawei: Cisco’s Chinese Challenger Introduction By this case analysis, some basic points are going to be mentioned like current strategies used by Huawei, its challenges and issues, the situational analysis, and its competitive strategies used and new strategies adopted for its improvement.

Strategy is the overall plan for deploying resources to establish a favorable position. In today’s thriving enterprise strategic management is the identification of organizational strengths and competitive advantages that can be used in developing strategies to perform better .

Subject: Strategic Marketing Analysis of Millie's Cookies. Date: 24 February INTRODUCTION. We are very happy to develop a marketing strategy for Millie`s Cookies.

In this report, I am going to discuss on how marketing strategies can be used to give . Developing And Managing A Strategic Marketing Plan Marketing Essay; Developing and Managing a Strategic marketing Plan. 3. And that's what strategic management is all about, which are analyzing the situation and proceeding from there to develop and implement appropriate strategies ( et al, ).

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