Single prop business planes

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Single prop business planes

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Along with his chief designer, Paul Griffin, they make preliminary designs of what would become the BD At the time, however, Bede was working on the Bede BD It is an extremely small one-seat design that looked more like a jet fighter than a typical general aviation aircraft, with the pilot sitting in a semi-reclined position under a large fighter-like plexiglas canopy only inches above the pilot's head.

Calculated drag was so low that split flaps and spoilers were added to the wing in order to improve deceleration for landing.

This was apparently the first application of spoilers on a light aircraft.

single prop business planes

Builders could optionally buy both wings, switching them in about 10 minutes. In addition to being easy to fly, the BD-5 was also intended to be easy to build and own. The fuselage was constructed primarily from fiberglass panels over an aluminum frame, reducing construction time to only a few hundred hours.

Although the early designs required some welding in the landing gear area, it was planned that this would be removed in the kit versions, so construction would require no special tooling or skills. Several very positive magazine articles appeared at this point.

The associated article showed the construction of the original prototype, with numerous claims about how easy it was to construct.

As one author put it, "Even before the plane first left the ground, thoughts of flying the sleek, bullet-shaped aircraft with its pusher prop stimulated the imagination of nearly everyone who had heard of the program. By the end of the year, the company had taken over 4, orders, making it one of the most popular general aircraft projects in modern history.

This was sixteen months after deposits had been taken, which led to some griping in the press. With the original fibreglass fuselage, this was a time-consuming process, so the decision was made to switch to an all-metal fuselage with the components incorporating compound curves produced using hydroformed aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

These could be modified with relative ease during the testing cycle. The aircraft now featured a longer, more pointed nose, whereas the NBD had been patterned on the ASW 15 and had a more rounded, egg-like shaping at the front.

While this work was in progress, Bede continued to experiment with modifications to the empennageeventually abandoning the V-tail for a more conventional rudder and horizontal stabilizer layout with highly swept surfaces.

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Further testing on NBD showed flow interference between the horizontal surfaces and the propeller, and the stabilizer was raised six inches to correct it, placing it about midway up the rear fuselage. Finished as NBD, numerous small delays prevented it from flying until July 11, These flights demonstrated continued problems with the pitch stability; after briefly considering an all-flying stabilator, it was again redesigned with more area and less sweep, becoming much more conventional in layout.

In Marchhe hired Burt Rutan to head the flight test department, who was soon joined by Les Berven as chief test pilot. A more worrying development was that the engines all had problems with mixture due to changes in engine speed or load, which led to rough engine operation.

On its deadstick landingthe aircraft overran the runway, buckling the nose gear. Incorrect mixture was identified as the cause of a second wreck of NBD, in Septemberwhen the mixture control broke and Berven had to execute another forced landing.

Since NBD would be ready in two months, they decided not to repair NBD, and it ended testing after about 30 hours of flight time. Early models used a variable speed belt drive system to transfer power from the engine to the propeller shaft.

This was removed from NBD and it suddenly began exhibiting a serious vibration problem during taxi tests. One victim of the program was the shorter "A" wing, which calculations showed would only improve performance at speeds very close to Vmax the highest available speed.

Flight testing also showed the stall speed with the smaller wing was decidedly high. Split flaps and spoilers had also disappeared.

single prop business planes

The canopy and cockpit dimensions had changed, the aircraft had new landing gear systems, and the tail was completely new. It was the need for more power that would fit into the very small engine bay that demanded the use of a high-revving two-stroke engineand few examples of such a design in the desired power class were available.

Additionally, two-stroke engines are very smooth running at high RPM, but have real problems running smoothly at low RPM. Even after months of effort, the Hirth designs showed rough running and high minimum power outputs when idled.Manage and grow your fleet of planes as they fly interesting people and cargo to over cities around the map.

Unlock everything from tiny prop planes to jumbo jets and small town airports to mega cities. With newcomers, upgrades, and old favorites, there's a piston plane for everyone.

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