Pbas proforma for promotion under cas


Pbas proforma for promotion under cas

Short title, application and commencement: Provided that in the event, any candidate becomes eligible for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme in terms of these Regulations on or after 1 st Julythe promotion of such a candidates shall be governed by the provisions of these Regulations.

Provided further that notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations, in the event any candidate became eligible for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme on or prior to 30 th Junethe promotion of such a candidate under Career Advancement Scheme shall be governed by the old guidelines issued by the Government vide Notification No.

The minimum qualifications for appointment and other service conditions of College Teachers, Librarians as a measure for maintenance of standards in the Higher Education, shall be as provided in the Annexure to these Regulations and as per the provisions of the Recruitment and Promotions Rules of the concerned posts notified by the Government and amended from time to time.

The Government has decided that the matters pertaining to the Professors in the Government Colleges will be intimated separately. By Order, Secretary Hr. Dated Shimla Copy to: Shimla-5 for publication in the Rajpatra Extra Ordinary.

College of Himachal Pradesh shall be strictly in accordance with the decision of the State Government notified vide notification No.

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Colleges, be fixed in accordance with the pay fixation formula developed by the UGC and approved by the Govt. No pay and allowances other than what has already been notified vide Govt.

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Colleges unless and until adopted and notified by the Govt. To be considered for all categories of teachers as well as equivalent cadres in Govt. Colleges in Himachal Pradesh shall be as under: Colleges only after due adoption of such amendments by the Govt. These procedure can be followed for both direct recruitment and CAS promotions wherever selection committees are prescribed in these regulations The Government of Himachal Pradesh adopt these Regulations for selection committees and selection procedures through their respective statutory bodies incorporating the Academic 5 Performance Indicator API based Performance Based Appraisal System PBAS at the institutional level for Govt.

Pbas proforma for promotion under cas

Colleges to be followed transparently in all the selection processes. Colleges, provisions shall be made as per Govt. Norms and polices of Govt. University mentioned under a and b above for necessary consideration for all Colleges.

University, and will be considered by the Govt. Without prejudice, to the requirements provided for selection of Associate Professor under this 6 Regulation, the prescription of research publication for promotion from the post of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor in colleges shall be as follows:Thus, if a teacher is considered for CAS promotion in (who is due for promotion under CAS w.e.f.

1 st July to 31 st December ), one year API scores for the academic year alone will be required for assessment.

Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) Proforma for promotion under CAS ; PBAS Proforma and API Details- For Librarians ; API Format (MS Word) Annual Self-Assessment proforma for the PBAS ; PBAS Proforma and API Details- For Teachers ; PBAS Proforma and API Details- .

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DIRECTION No.: 21 / Dated: 9 - 10 – I A teacher who wishes to be considered for promotion under CAS may submit in writing to the University / College, within three months in advance of the due date, an application and the required PBAS proforma.

They can doso three months. promotion under CAS through successive stage (Stage-2 and Stage-3), provided they are assessed to fulfill the eligibility and performance Minimum API scores using PBAS scoring proforma developed by the University as per the norms in Table-2(a)/2(b) of Appendix-III.

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