Pats engineering

Gymnasium at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School on the morning of August 14, to kick-off the start of the new school year.

Pats engineering

Expand Design Technology Engineering Design Technology Engineering allows students to experience opportunities to learn and apply practical design to set projects while gaining confidence of key trade skills such as welding, brazing, oxyacetylene cutting and basic machine tool operation.

This program has been prepared with the assistance of Industry Advisory Groups with competencies counting toward pre-apprenticeship training criteria.

This subject is part of the Year 12 pre-apprenticeship program. Expand Integrated Learning Students apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world task, event, learning opportunity, or context, which leads to a specific purpose, product, or outcome.

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Students develop and demonstrate their collaboration, teamwork, and self-awareness, and evaluate their learning. This subject provides students with skills required to enhance their oral and written skills.

Students learn techniques to Pats engineering their employment opportunities, their ability to work in a team and their effectiveness to communicate with customers and clients.

Areas such as the planning and writing of job applications, procedures when writing curriculum vitae and the appropriate use of email and other electronic communications are also studied in this course.

Expand Essential Mathematics Our numeracy program enables students to develop the mathematical skills necessary to ensure their success and is both practical and theoretical in nature. Students study units of measurement, measuring devices, length, perimeter, area and volume.

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These units also include components in costing, quoting and scale drawing. These units are fundamental to the success of all students completing a trade and give students a clear understanding of the relevance between mathematics and their chosen career pathway. Expand Mathematics In the study of mathematics students participate in a wide variety of problem-solving activities.

The subject gives students the abilities and skills required in the workplace and in everyday life. Students also learn to appreciate, experience and understand mathematics as a growing body of knowledge in contemporary situations. They learn how to approach new challenges by investigating, modelling, reasoning, visualising, and problem-solving, with the goal of communicating to others the relationships observed and problems solved.

Expand Physics This subject focuses on the application of Physics in trade based situations. It enables students to develop their knowledge of the principles and concepts that underpin these applications and hence prepare the students to move into school-based apprenticeships or traineeships.

Learning is based on the following three topics: Electricity- Static and Current, Magnetism- Fields and Electromagnetic Induction and Waves — Sound and Light — and is based on practical investigations that allow students to critically evaluate their procedures and results before drawing conclusions.

Expand Research Project In the Research Project, students have the opportunity to study an area of interest in depth. They use their creativity and initiative, while developing the research and presentation skills they will need in further study or work.

It aims to develop students knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the dignity of the human person, living in relationship and the nature of freedom and responsibility.

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It helps students to recognise how they can impact and make a difference in their community and to develop skills and values in relation to what is meaningful and significant to their lives. Expand Workplace Practices In Workplace Practices students develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the nature, type and structure of the workplace.

They learn about the value of unpaid work to society, future trends in the world of work, workers' rights and responsibilities and career planning.

Pats engineering

Our extensive Work Experience program is a key component of this subject allowing students to develop and reflect on their capabilities, interests, and aspirations.Welcome to Pats.

Welcome to the Peer Assisted Teaching Scheme (PATS) website. Here you will find everything you could ever want to know about PATS, including a description of the scheme and its background, an outline of the PATS process, news, resources and more! engineering GET YOUR PROJECT STARTED OFF ON THE RIGHT TRACK Today’s industrial landscape is characterized by unrelenting change .

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