One hell of a life

Previously… She had used her orange neon painted nail to rip open space time and pushed me into the vortex that would lead me into next life and my fate. Did I just fly by some furniture? This must also be her storage vortex. I just know Death is laughing her ass off right now.

One hell of a life

Special Offer Published September 17, by helentastic67 When Disability Becomes Embarrassing — Part 1 There are many times my disability has been embarrassing or humiliating.
He died in central Pennsylvania on January 2.

Mine is that something will happen to our daughter. She is our only child. We battled infertility for years before conceiving her. So, on a Saturday evening, when we returned back from an evening out to pick her up from the playcare and were greeted by the sight of blood on her face and inconsolable weeping, my heart just stopped.

She had fallen off a playscape headfirst. It had happened minutes before we arrived. All the caretakers could tell us was that One hell of a life tooth was knocked off. We rushed her to the emergency room. After what seemed like hours, they gave the all clear—no head trauma or fractures—and sent us home with a prescription of painkillers and instructions to rest.

She spent the next twenty-four hours in pain and throwing up.

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I tortured myself with fears that it must be a devastating head injury that the emergency room staff had failed to catch. She felt better the next day so I brushed my fears away The next week was a whirlwind of visits to the dentist to extract fragmented and loose teeth.

During one of the visits, the dentist noticed that her jaw was misaligned. We rushed to an oral surgeon. The emergency room staff had failed to catch it—her jaw had broken.

And now it was too late. The bone had already started to set in a crooked manner. She was too young to do the surgery yet, but by the time she turns eighteen the misaligned jaw will likely bother her so much that surgery will be unavoidable.

A couple of weeks later, as the dust started to settle, I took her to the park to let some steam off. As luck would have it, she had another fall, and this time she broke her arm. And now we had two sets of broken bones in as many weeks. And before that at work when a colleague was bent on making my life a living hell.

And when I broke up with my first boyfriend. And a million other times. Every single one of us has these moments. It only serves to increase our feeling of victimhood and makes us feel incapable of dealing with the situation. Anytime my daughter had a mini-accident after that, she would panic.

Can we please catch a break? Do you think a boo-boo pad might help? Ever so slowly, we were back to being resilient in the face of mini-accidents again.

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Force yourself to practice gratitude. I had to practically force myself to practice gratitude. And that eventually helped deal with the news of the misaligned jaw. Force yourself to say it out loud a few times.While in traditional Jewish thought the subjects of heaven and hell were treated extensively, most modern Jewish thinkers have shied away from this topic, preferring to follow the biblical model, which focuses on life on earth.

Aug 12,  · what is the quote about leaving life skidding in sideways saying it was one hell of a ride? One hell of a ride quote Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, 'WOW What a ride!' Status: Resolved.

Chyeea (Woaahh) Wake up ballin mann, goto sleep stuntin man (Wooah) Whole team on this one man (Wooahh) ghetto superstars, Gucci, hey (Yeah) One hell of a life (one hell of a life) one hell of a life one hell of a life (I feel ya gucc)5/5(1).

One Hell Of A Life. [Bernard Shaw] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. from orphanage to the French Foreign Legion with stops at approved school, Borstal Prison, on to the Legion with service and training in Fes Marocco on to Vietnam Saigon Hanoi.

Desertion and back home to the Uk to live a quiet civilised life.

One hell of a life

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