It is always beneficial for individuals

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It is always beneficial for individuals

In Aprilher play The Mousetrap became the longest-running production in British theatre, having given 2, performances to date. Her producer had arranged a party at the Savoy Hotel to celebrate her success.

She donned her best bottle-green chiffon dress and elbow-length white gloves, and made her way through the lobby to the party room — only to find that the doorman failed to recognise her and refused entry. How could someone so successful still be so insecure?

This is the paradox at the It is always beneficial for individuals of a new book, Shrinking Violets, by the cultural historian Joe Moranwhich explores shyness in politics, literature and psychology. In a nearby room, he loses consciousness, and if unattended, he will die or suffer permanent brain damage.

View image of Credit: His previous books held up a magnifying glass to the minutiae of everyday life.

It is always beneficial for individuals

Its strange, contradictory nature — including the fact we often feel shy about our own shyness — struck him as particularly a rich subject for study. He might feel more comfortable giving a lecture to a hundred students than taking questions afterwards, for instance.

He notes that he is more comfortable in situations where the etiquette is clearly defined, but his self-confidence is more precarious when a situation is ambiguous: Alamy Moran describes one 19th Century aristocrat, the Duke of Portland, who was so shy he built a mile-long labyrinth of tunnels under his stately home so he would not have to face his staff.

But not all shy people are introverts. As Susan Cain, author of the book Quiet, has also regularly pointed out, the two are quite different.

While introverts may need time by themselves, while not necessarily caring what others think of them Cain uses the example of Bill Gates a shy person may well crave company, while also feeling nervous and anxious about the way they are perceived.

In this way it is perfectly possible to be a shy extrovert — to simultaneously fear and crave the limelight. Consider Dirk Bogarde, who, having learned how to hide his feelings from bullies at school, likened himself to a hermit crab hiding in a scavenged shell.

Some shrinking violets may only thrive when they reach the spotlight. Some evolutionary biologists might argue that these feelings come from basic prehistoric behaviours that aided out survival. Whereas the braver animals may find more mates and eat more food, the shyer individuals, hiding on the side-lines, might avoid attack — both successful evolutionary strategies.

If so, a kind of rudimentary shyness is a very basic, primitive trait. Moran is sceptical this is the whole story, however. Rex Features Moran thinks that human shyness has been compounded by the problems of language — an infinitely expansive, but also imprecise, tool of communication.

It is an agonisingly frustrating condition but it may come with its compensations. Instead, the artists try to express what could not be said at the time.

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The Stanford Shyness Survey is a questionnaire that helps psychologists to assess individual differences in shyness, and the research suggests that some countries — including Japan, the UK and the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland — do indeed tend to score higher than countries such as the US.

It is hard to tell whether that reflects true differences in actual feelings, since the words for shyness in these languages may have more positive connotations perhaps also evoking the idea of unassuming modesty, for instance that may mean people are simply happier to label themselves as shy.

A barking dog does not catch a hare — Finnish proverb But some cultures certainly do seem to be more tolerant of shy behaviours. It can be a bit debilitating; it can be a bit of a pain and a burden. But I do think there is a bit of a trend to medicalise things that may just be within the range of human experience.

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He once wondered about asking for the drug Seroxat, which was meant to take the edge off social anxiety. Many people — often those he had least expected — have confessed to feeling social awkwardness or embarrassment regularly.

It is always beneficial for individuals

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