How to write an art exploration proposal

What are the main features of an informative essay? Introduction for the informative essay. The introduction of an informative essay is always at the beginning of the essay.

How to write an art exploration proposal

Photography techniques and technologies are abundant in the world today. New technology and techniques are being developed and introduced into the photography industry everyday. I find learning and developing new ideas, techniques and technologies one of the most rewarding aspects of photography.

This year I am going to combine two very different, and specialised techniques aiming to create a unique, aesthetic and thoughtful set of images. The broader and more common of the two techniques is studio portraiture.

The second, is a very refined technique of high speed photography. Combining the two techniques is simple in thought, but very complicated and full of flaws in practice.

Studio portraiture has been around for a very long time and has been adapted and refined for the best results. It was first seen in about the s, but has mainly been refined over the last 50 years. In Nadar Felix Toumachon opened his portrait studio in Paris. He took similar images to his self portrait bellow of upper class people.

The technical limitations of the time caused Nadar to only be able to capture basic images of this kind. The photo used a very simple two light technique, one main light and one background light.

How to Put Together a Successful Exhibition Proposal to Send to Galleries

The average studio portrait is on a constant white background that curves from the vertical back to horizontal on the floor creating a smooth seamless white background.

The background is then lit evenly by lights to create a true white. There are many techniques to light a model but there are two that are very common and I have chosen those as a starting point.

Rembrandt lighting and butterfly lighting are both very simple and can be created with a single light source and a single reflector. The opposite cheek to the light source is mostly in shadow apart from a small triangular highlight on that cheek.

It creates a portrait with a lot of contrast, but is easily altered to better suit the brief. Butterfly lighting creates a very striking image with a butterfly shaped shadow underneath the models nose.

The Both techniques are highly adaptable and easy to use. The use of reflectors is necessary with both of these techniques to control the contrast and highlights. Butterfly Lighting Rembrant Lighting I plan to first start with these two portrait lighting techniques and integrate a basic high speed technique into them.

There are two common high speed techniques that are used most often. The first is used more and is normally easier to apply. This is definitely fast enough to capture most sports, wildlife and other fast moving objects.

The second method is a lot harder to apply and only works in very specific conditions.

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Using, for example a 1 second shutter speed, and then trigger the flash within the second. This requires a dark room and possibly a higher ISO than would have normally been used to get the same depth of field as when not using this technique.

Flash duration also comes into play; a brighter flash is also generally a longer flash. A flash shooting at a low power generally uses a shorter flash duration. So there has to be a compromise between the power of the flash, ISO and aperture, unless you are able to use more than one flash at a time and have double the light with the same flash duration.

Studio strobe durations are a lot slower though. Most strobes have a t.

how to write an art exploration proposal

Colourfornia is a two minute long video of women throwing coloured powder at each other. Jesse used a Phantom high speed camera at fps in full HD. The video shows amazing detail in slow motion. The emotion in the faces of the actors was thrilling; enjoyment, amazement, laughter, anger and looks of no emotion were all shown and kept me even more engaged in the video.

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Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters Bachelor's Program Information Master's Program Information Doctoral Program Information.

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Artist Proposal Skeleton (in this order) 1 Description of proposed project: This should be the title of the work, the media, length, genre (non-fiction, experimental narrative, animation, minute play, etc.). Put this in a present and active tense: e.g. the project I am working on ; during the fellowship period, I will continue work on (title).

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