Gratz vs bollinger essay

Home Essay Samples Gratz. Bollinger is a United Supreme court case that occurred in the year The decision of this court got initiated by Chief Justice Rehnquist.

Gratz vs bollinger essay

Case[ edit ] The University of Michigan used a point scale to rank applicants, with points needed to guarantee admission. The University gave underrepresented ethnic groups, including African-AmericansHispanicsand Native Americansan automatic point bonus towards their score, while a perfect SAT score was worth 12 points.

Gratz applied for admission in the fall of and Hamacher in the fall of Both were subsequently denied admission to the university. Gratz and Hamacher were contacted by the Center for Individual Rightswhich filed a lawsuit on their behalf in October Duderstadt was president of the university while Gratz's application was under consideration, and Bollinger while Hamacher's was under consideration.

Their class-action lawsuit alleged "violations and threatened violations of the rights of the plaintiffs and the class they represent to equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment Issues of standing[ edit ] It has been argued by some that Jennifer Gratz lacked legal standing to bring this action.

Gratz applied inthree years before the University of Michigan adopted its points system. Gratz could not claim injury as a result of the points system, and thus, under traditional legal rules, Gratz lacked standing. Gratz chose not to attend the University of Michigan by declining the university's offer to be placed on a waiting list.

Gratz vs bollinger essay

Every Michigan student who agreed to go onto the waiting list in the spring of was admitted to the University of Michigan for the Fall semester. The Court's majority found that Gratz and co-plaintiff Hamacher had standing to seek declaratory and injunctive relief, relying on Northeastern Fla.

Contractors of America v. Here the "injury in fact" necessary to establish standing in the case was the denial of equal treatment resulting from the imposition of the barrier, and not in the ultimate inability to obtain the benefit.Gratz v.

Bollinger U.S. () Facts of the Case Jennifer Gratz, a student with a GPA and ACT score of 25, applied to the University of Michigan’s .

Oct 26,  · Bollinger?The case Gratz v. Bollinger is a in truth complicated one because it involves two sides that have proficient points charge though one side is supported by the law. For mortal to rule on this case, first has to analyze it in detail.

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Its official capacity is ,, but it has hosted crowds in excess of , Michigan Stadium was . Gratz v. Bollinger, U.S. (), was a United States Supreme Court case regarding the University of Michigan undergraduate affirmative action admissions policy.

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In October , Gratz and Hamacher filed a class action suit against the University, the LSA, Lee Bollinger, and James Duderstadt. They argued that the admission procedure discriminated against certain racial and ethnic groups in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of

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