Essay on our vision of india

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Essay on our vision of india

Her glorious past, natural beauty, resources, vast size and above all her unique geographical location has always given her the pride of place in the world. With the ups and downs of history it has retained its vibrancy. As understanding of the historical traditions is very important in order to form a concrete futuristic vision of nation like India.

Essay on our vision of india

India has a long history and as it is understood presently, it has covered a span of five thousand years since the period of its first known civilization. During all these times a long steam of immigrants, representing different ethnic strains and linguistic families, have merged into its population to contribute to its diversity, richness and vitality.

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India is probably the only civilization in the world which shows a clear continuity of its several traditions from the times of its earliest known civilization. However, the vibrant nation sets about overcoming its shortcomings, protecting its culture and enriching the material as well as cultural life of its people.

So, obviously I visualize an all around growth and development of India. The Indian society of my vision will be different from the present one. Hopefully in the AD, India will rid itself of the discriminating nature of its caste system.

Essay on our vision of india

There will be quality in all fields for everyone. There also will be not be some unfortunate customs like dowry system, child labor as well as discrimination against women or weaker sections of the society.

I hope the society itself will develop a mechanism to promote the well being of everyone without having the need of an enforcement by law all the time. In economic field, I hope India will make great progress.

Agriculture will make a rapid advance, generating enough surplus and providing food for everyone. Certainly the industrial development will have a balanced look providing work for everyone and at the same time bringing prosperity and sustained development for our natural resources.

And there will be no more rise of population. The most important part of the human resource development is meaningful education for all. I hope by that time India will develop an advanced and relevant education system taking care of the needs of all the aspects of the society.

I am sure India by that time will be able to take care of the health needs of all its citizen. Still I am hopeful, by that time democracy will be strengthened in India and it will give rise to true statesmen who will further take ahead my vision of India in AD and each aspect of the Directive Principles of our Constitution will be fulfilled.

By that time no politician or political part will be allowed to exploit caste, region, language or ethnicity to advance their petty political ambitions. For thousands of years India had to beat the burnt of foreign invasions. The fortitude of the Indians has withstood successfully all the onslaughts.

Yet it is widely believed that there is no serious strategic thinking or planning in India.

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In this matter, India is generally inward looking country and this tradition has been shaped by our geography, history, culture and civilization. The otherwise humane and noble pacific image of India is often taken for sheepishness.

We do not look ahead or plan ahead our strategic realities.Tourism plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India.

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