Cuny macaulay honors college

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Cuny macaulay honors college

Welcome to The Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College — Hunter College

The following are the minimum academic requirements necessary for graduation. It is every student's responsibility to be familiar with all requirements and to be aware of policy changes.

Cuny macaulay honors college

If a student fails one of the four Honors Seminars, she will be dismissed from the Macaulay Honors College. In addition to the four Macaulay seminars, all students must successfully complete a minimum of four additional honors courses. Students must complete honors in the major whenever available, or a senior thesis, or a capstone project.

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Failure to meet the requirements and standards of the Honors College will result in dismissal and the termination of the University Scholar Scholarship and all associated privileges. The Macaulay academic advisor will assist students in degree planning and in the selection of courses.

Engaging in at least ten hours of community service during each of the first three years in the Macaulay Honors College, for a minimum of thirty community service hours.

Cuny macaulay honors college

Successfully completing an internship, undergraduate research project, or an accredited study abroad program. Contact Information Director of William E.Macaulay Honors College.

The Macaulay Honors College inspires and prepares high-achieving students to solve the challenges facing New York City, our nation, and the global community. Brooklyn College Directory.

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The Brooklyn College directory provides phone, location, e-mail and web page information on faculty and staff at Brooklyn College. Macaulay Honors College chooses candidates for admission by evaluating a combination of academic and leadership factors, including: High School Grades: If you attend a New York City public high school, your transcript will be sent to Macaulay Honors College via your OSIS number.

The University is pleased to announce that the State of New York, under the leadership of Governor Cuomo and the legislature, is taking a bold step in addressing the cost of college education and student loan debt by launching the Excelsior Scholarship. The Macaulay Honors College application is designed to provide information about each applicant's academic record and preparation for a rigorous intellectual college experience.

The admission committee considers applicants’ high school grades, SAT I/ACT scores, essays, recommendations and, in some cases, interview.

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William E. Macaulay Honors College's application is designed to reflect an applicant's academic record and preparation for the rigorous intellectual experience in this program.

Admission depends on high school GPA, SAT I/ACT scores, writing sample, letters of recommendation and an interview.

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