Annatto seeds extract as white board

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Annatto seeds extract as white board

Introduction Annatto Bixa orellana L. Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of bixin, the pigment extracted from whole seeds [14]. Considering the necessity of natural substances for the industries, there is a recent demand for nutraceuticals and health-promoting ingredients from annatto seeds related to the quality of extracts.

Supercritical fluid extraction SFE is an option to obtain high-value products with health-promoting properties [5]. Most of recent studies on annatto are focused on improving environmentally friendly processes for bixin extraction, for instance: Furthermore there are reports focusing on the potential application of annatto as a healthy alternative to synthetic dyes in formulations of bread [20], chicken [4] and cheddar cheese [22].

Some kinds of compounds from extracts obtained via SFE may present high cost and often are present in low concentration, which reduces its value for marketing as crude extract [11]. The separation of these extracts for obtaining of new products with distinct compositions is a way to improve the quality of extracts in terms of the high concentration of the compounds of interest [25, 7].

Fractionation of natural extracts with supercritical fluids using the combination of separators results in the acquisition of high-quality products with increased purity and differentiation of bioactive compounds [23].

One of the difficulties in the extract fractionation is related to the solubility, i. The main factors that interfere in the separation process are pressure and temperature. The knowledge of the phase equilibrium behavior of the volatile and nonvolatile fractions of foods is of crucial importance for many applications in the food industry [15].

In the case of annatto extracts it can provide theoretical data that can help the selection of process conditions. However, there are very few investigations reporting the bioactive profile of annatto extracts obtained from supercritical fluid extraction [2] and their high-pressure phase behavior [16, 17].

In this context, the goal of this work was to propose a new process for the fractionation of annatto crude extract using supercritical carbon dioxide as solvent. The phase behavior of the fractionated extracts was studied using a high-pressure equilibrium cell at three levels of temperature.

In addition, the chemical profile of these products was determined using thin-layer chromatography TLC. Material and Methods 2. Supercritical Fluid Extraction Extraction of whole annatto seeds and subsequent fractionation of crude extracts were carried out in the home-made SFE This unit is composed by two parts: Whole annatto seeds were loaded into the extractor and the extracts were collected in the two separators.

These conditions were selected because of high extract yields obtained previously [1, 2].

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The first separator has a heating jacket to maintain the temperature of K and the second separator has a cooling jacket to maintain the temperature at K. The pressurization prevents losses of extracts inside the second separator or mixing of extract from the first separator.

The fractionation procedure started by pressurization of the extractor until the pressure equalized that of the first separator. Afterwards the S-1 separator was depressurized until its pressure equalize to that from the S-2 separator [9].

After equalization of pressures between the separator vessels, the fractionated extracts were collected and the last back pressure valve was opened, performing the procedure previously mentioned.

Annatto seeds extract as white board

To facilitate the identification of the compounds the following standards were used: Bixin standard was obtained with exhaustive extraction with acetone, according to the procedure described elsewhere [9]. The p-anisaldehyde and vanillin used in this work were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Darmstadt, Germany and Synth Diadema, Brazilrespectively.

The sulfuric acid used in this work was obtained from Exodo Hortolandia, Brazil. Afterwards the plates were developed into glass chambers by elution in mobile phase.

After elution, the compounds of interest were detected by spraying the plates using the sulfuric p-anisaldehyde, or the sulfuric vanillin, reagents. High-Pressure Phase Equilibrium High-pressure phase behaviour experiments of annatto fractionated extracts in the presence of compressed CO2 were performed adopting the synthetic method with phase transition visualization using a high-pressure variable-volume cell, from which apparatus was built [15] and validated [16].

Three levels of temperatureand K were used to perform high-pressure phase equilibrium assays with a minimum of three replicates. Results and Discussion 3. This yield was slightly lower than 3. Besides this, lower yields may be associated with loss of extract inside the S-1 Figure 2C and S-2 Figure 2D separators because the extracts are collected directly with the aid of the micrometering valve, which reduces the course of the extract until the flask collector.

Depressurization prevented loss of extract in the pipeline located after the second separator.annatto seeds are massaged in warm oil (e.g. C) to remove the pigment layer in a machine The extract is filtered to remove insoluble material.

Subsequent processing involves removal of fats and waxes, solvent removal, crystallisation and drying. (Solvents. Vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may be better antioxidants than tocopherol-tocotrienol mixtures or alpha-tocopherol alone, suggests a recent study testing infant formula containing omega EXTRACTION OF BIXIN FROM ANNATTO SEEDS USING SUPERCRITICAL CARBON DIOXIDE G.

F. Silva1, to extract the pigment from the annatto seeds: vegetable oil extraction, alkaline solution and Extraction of Bixin from Annatto Seeds Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.

Photodegradation of UHMWPE Compounded with Annatto and Beetroot Extracts

25, No. 02, pp. - , April - June, carotenoid molecules in the annatto seeds. 5. The source of the substance and a detailed description of its manufacturing or processing procedures.

annatto extract, organic and conventional, as a color additive exempt from certification pursuant to 21 CFR 8.

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