Analysis of forrest mars

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Analysis of forrest mars

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We begin with the most obvious: This is a film that should have redefined the biopic. This film, however, makes no pretensions of having a conventional plot, and in this regard it surpasses even Citizen Kane in the biopic subgenre. Whereas in Kane there is a pretense to find out about Charles Foster Kane, and the search for the meaning of Rosebud, in Gump all we get is Forrest telling us his life story.

In this sense we also get filmmakers playing with time in an interesting way. Then, suddenly, for the last part of the film about 14 minutes we see things as they happen from then.

We follow his adulthood from Vietnam to the Reagan years and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and through this time he stumbles from one historical moment to another. This is one of the problematic things about the film to some: Forrest is always able to make it through these hardships with his head held high.

The latter statement is something that is virtually countermanded throughout.

Analysis of forrest mars

Whether Jenny was being harassed as a nude guitarist or abused by her counterculture boyfriend, Wesley, Forrest was always there to protect her. Forrest picked up a notebook dropped by the first black student at the University of Alabama. In Vietnam he ran back and saved as many members of his platoon as he could from certain death never considering his own safety for a minute.


This quality of taking everything at face value is what allows him to moon President Johnson without a bit of malice.

This quality of his character also provides the film with some of its best dialogue. Forrest is also honest and a man of his word. His honesty leads him to be the whistleblower on the Watergate scandal.

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He also kept his promise to Bubba and compensates his mother with a huge check. After all the hectic moments in his life that is the reason he decided to run. Jenny Jenny is a character plagued by her past. Her life has always been turbulent and she has always been turbulent and has always turned to Forrest when things got too crazy for her to be able to deal with.

She left home and went to an all girls college.

Analysis of forrest mars

She was expelled and then became a hippie, then she reunited with Forrest in Washington. At this point she was with Wesley who palled around with the Black Panthers.

In the end, Jenny comes back home because she is tired.

An analysis of forrest gump a movie

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